Pegs & Jokers



Enjoy this American game with friends and family. This game is a variation of the games Sorry and Aggravation. Instead of using dice, playing cards are used in their place. Made popular by snowbirds/RV campers because of its compact size, this game has brought countless hours of pleasure to those who have played it.


With our real hardwood boards, we give you a way to have unique wood game board that will last for years. Game sets can be connected to allow for more people to be able to play at once. Our game boards come as a game set with the board, pegs, cards and rules; everything you need to play as soon as you receive your order.

 Each game set board is hand-crafted with you and your family and friends in mind. We anticipate the hours of entertainment you will spend playing pegs and jokers. With our durable hardwood boards, we add a clear finishing oil to bring out the natural color and designs in the wood. This makes each game board as unique as the piece of wood it is made of. Our hardwoods with reasonable care are expected to last a life time and beyond, so our hope is that this game will become a source of fond family memories and an heirloom to be passed down for generations. 

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